bulthaup, ambassador of German kitchen design, was established in 1949. Their philosophy can be summarized in three words: architecture, innovation, precision. Exceptional quality, integrated technological solutions, timeless design – framed by a holistic designer approach. bulthaup kitchen systems accommodate to the architectural solutions of the given space and individual customer needs with unparalleled technological solutions. bulthaup was the first to introduce modular kitchen, as well as kitchen island or mobile kitchen. In 2004 company designers laid down a milestone again: b3 system not only uses the layout for the purpose of design but activates wall surfaces too.


The bulthaup b1 kitchen is the new international standard, the essential kitch en itself which bears the marks of Scandinavian tradition and Bauhaus school. b1 is a perfect solution for those who do not want to compromise either in materials used, functionality or high quality. A real Bauhaus kitchen with a modern outlook on an attractive price.


Kitchen is a workplace. The b2 system helps to recall the traditions and materials of past times. It creates the unity of traditional handicraft approach and organization conforming to the modern expectations of today. The b2 is not less but the composition of cabinets and solid though aerial kitchen bench.


The amalgamation of function and form. Timeless beauty of materials and surfaces. Personalized technical solutions without compromises. bulthaup follows these principles to create its kitchen concepts unique in the world. b3 provides total freedom for its designer and user too. The multifunctional module system of b3 system offers prefect solutions, from the stylishly elegant kitchen islands through the wall-hanged systems to spaces in the living room and dining room.

BORA or physics can be so elegant.

BORA is a young company that was established as a synonym for innovation and creativity in the kitchen.
Despite its youth, is already making history.
The incredibly rapid development of the company began when Willi Bruckbauer the founder who is the heart of company developed and patented his first distinctive cooktop extractor system in 2006: the BORA Professional. In the following year, he founded BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH
In 2008, not only was the BORA Professional cooktop extractor launched onto the market, but also the BORA Professional gas cooktop and a Tepan stainless steel grill. At the same time, development started on the induction and ceramic cooktops.
2010 was a year of major changes and receiving the “Deutsche Gründerpreis entrepreneurschip” award beside the previous “365 Places in the Land of ideas” award from 2009.
2012 could be described as the year of international development. BORA made its first appearance to an international audience at the prestigious Eurocucina trade fair in Milan where the BORA Classic received the red dot product design award. After this BORA’S international expansion is still continuing full steam ahead. Today BORA exports its popular cooktop extractor systems to 18 European countries since 2014 included Hungary.
The end of the extractor hood…
...is the beginning of more freedom, beauty,
functionality and efficiency without any ifs or buts.
Bora's purpose was to create an effective vapour and odour extraction system which at the same time satisfies the highest demands in terms of technology and aesthetics. Constant experimentation leds to the creation of an innovative system which draws off cooking vapour more effectively than was previously possible. The work paid off with prestigious prizes and awards such as the "Deutsche Gründerpreis", "365 Places in the Land of Ideas", the "red dot product design award 2012" and "Plus X Award Product of the Year 2013".
How BORA works?
The secret lies in physics:steam and odours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. However, the BORA cooktop extractor powerfully draws these off in a downward direction at approx. four metres per second. The resultant cross flow ensures that any cooking vapours and odours are effectively and immediately suctioned away at the cooktop.

BORA Basic - The concept: a revolution for every kitchen

Bringing together what belongs together: cooktop and extractor combined in an aesthetic, compact and effective unit. Central touch control and simple installation – for every kitchen. BORA Basic – the induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor – is impressive in both its exhaust air and recirculation variants.

This innovation is the first of its kind in the world; with its attractive price-performance ratio, it is heralding the end of the extractor hood at last. BORA Basic gives everyone the chance to enjoy the advantages of BORA’s technology – successfully taking their first steps toward a high-end kitchen. The easy-to-operate power electronics, which were specifically developed by BORA, are also a testament to the exceptional value of the compact unit. Good to know: BORA Basic can be installed and ready to use in any kitchen in a matter of minutes.

BORA Classic - The concept: redefining ergonomics and efficiency

Reduced to the bare essentials: the Classis embodies the efficiency and design – recognised with the red dot product design award. Small installation dimensions and smart touch control impress – complying all personal cooking habits.

Whether surface-mounted or installed flush, the aesthetically appealing design of the individual modules will fit in to any kitchen. Equipped with smart touch control, BORA Classic accentuates the modernity of a kitchen and stands out it from the mediocrity.

BORA Professional - The concept: functionality meets design

When the best really is good enough: extra-deep dimensions, the biggest selection of cooktops, outstanding flexibility, stainless steel rotary knobs - for culinary professionals.

Whether surface-mounted or installed flush, the aesthetically appealing design of the individual modules will fit in to any kitchen. Equipped with smart touch control, BORA Classic accentuates the modernity of a kitchen and stands out it from the mediocrity.


The difference is GAGGENAU

There is hardly any greater privilege for someone than being surrounded by objects that makes you feel totally contented. The way often long till all the details gets into their places. The more one knows, the more one craves for.

The German brand Gaggenau, established in 1683, is synonymous with premium built-in kitchen equipment first manufactured in Europe in 1961 for quality private kitchens. The fundamental pillars of its philosophy: handiwork, quality, innovation, design. All this without compromises, in a spirit of highest perfection and long tradition, characteristic for the experts – creating an architectural harmony and affecting the most important living space, the kitchen. The Gaggenau products are authentic and representative in all their details. They are authentic in their choice of materials – stainless steel, glass, aluminium, enamel. They are representative – with their unmistakable, original and generous design. This is approved by the prestigious design prizes won year by year. The Gaggenau products have the details one refuses to give up on and the technical solutions which help to forget the old nuances once for all.

Gaggenau kitchen equipments are often handmade pieces of craftsmanship,characterized by timeless beauty and robust practicality.