The products of Italian Lema factory, established in 1970 by Meroni family, are characterized by strong handicraft traditions and exceptional product quality. Each product manufactured by the company are marked by extreme care, from the design phase – working closely with their designers – until end of production. This manufacturer approach results in the highest quality range of products. Company philosophy is about comfort, the so-called ‘slow living’ where the key lies in harmonic spaces – rooms for leisure and relaxation are in a mellow tone, while community spaces are tinted by more robust colors. The first load-bearing wall panels or the tailor-made, customized wardrobes are all associated with the Lema name, faithfully reflecting the client-centered attitude of the company.

Poltrona Frau

Established in 1912, Poltrona Frau factory is one of the leading brands of Made in Italy group of companies, whose name was associated with quality and design in the field of seats at the moment of its birth. The name Frau, despite its German sounding, is the family name of the founder, Sardinian Renzo Frau. Legendary Poltrona Frau leather collection includes many iconic pieces like Vanity Fair armchair, first manufactured in 1930. Besides handicraft traditions, special emphasis is placed on research, resulting for example in the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather. During the manufacturing of the latest design furniture beside leather aluminum, various composites, MDF, titanium and carbon fiber also appeared in the selection – but passion for manual processing is still inevitable…

Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten

The Wittmann’s high quality furniture is on sale in more than 50 countries.

Ever since 1896, when the family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – was founded as a saddlery, quality consciousness and craftsmanship have been central to the Wittmann culture. Furniture production started in the 1950s, in cooperation with various well-known architects. Today, Wittmann works with world-famous designers as well as the next generation of Austrian creatives. It is also committed to reinterpreting furniture by famous Austrian architects and designers, whose work has lost none of its relevance today. The Recreation Josef Hoffmann and Re-Edition Friedrich Kiesler programmes are the outcome of this enduring appreciation of Austrian design culture.

Sustainability and durability are central to the company’s philosophy. The decision to continue producing handmade furniture to the very highest standards of craftsmanship at its workshops in Etsdorf is a clear demonstration of Wittmann’s commitment to sustainability and careful use of resources.

Wittmann has also decades of experience in crafting premium quality beds and mattresses and has rewritten the rules on what constitutes a good night´s sleep. Design elements and the precise constellation of the materials used are constantly reappraised, reconsidered and readjusted to reflect changing demands over time.

The exceptional lifespan of each piece brings each genuine Wittmann to life as a truly unique item of furniture.